Thursday, 5 April 2012

Jasmine Skies BR

'Everything I was before, all the forever-things, are slipping away from me here under Jasmine Skies'

Sorry guys, I'm being a mega bad blogger at the moment :'( I'll make it up to you at some point but ALEVELS are hard :-/
Ok so Jasmine Skies:

It was such good escapism, and was so much better (for me) than Artichoke Hearts because Mira was older and I could connect with her better. Also she was experiencing something I've experienced (admittedly not in the same country but I would love to visit India one day) and I felt like I understood her and just wanted to hug her the whole time. Brilliant read, great characters and a flowing plot written in a wonderful style. Just what I needed to freshen my brain from all that revision!

Nice book, lovely story, however one criticism is I so didn't feel the whole romance thing that Sita tried to go on, it felt forced and rushed but thats just my opinion, without that it would have been a great book...and with it, its still a great book!

SO go out and grab it off the shelves my dearies because it is a brilliant read for sitting inside cuddling up to a fire (or radiator!) or for lounging on a beach in the sun...fabulous!!

Much love
JB xx

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