Thursday, 19 July 2012

Their love could last forever, if it doesn't destroy them first...


Sorry it's been so long, exams and coursework and end of year blah is quite simply agony! So, here is my review of DREAMLESS, the sequel to Josephine Angelini's wonderful debut novel STARCROSSED.

Heartbroken, and forbidden from being with Lucas, Helen has been tasked with breaking the curse that keeps them apart by killing the Furies. She spends her nights wandering the Underworld in search of them and, tormented by her worst nightmares made real, she's beginning to suffer from extreme exhaustion on top of her heartbreak. One night, Helen , meets another person down in the shadowy Underworld: Orion, descended from Adonis and with the power to control desire. Still in love with Lucas but drawn to this seductive stranger, Helen must make a choice that could save her life but break her heart...

OH WHAT A FABULOUS ONE! The second in a trilogy, DREAMLESS has just made me more eager for GODDESS (the third) to hurry up and arrive so I can find out what happens!!

STARCROSSED frustrated me because there were no answers, and it was TORTURE. A good book, but torture, because there were no answers. But after reading DREAMLESS I realised, they are slow burning books, well written, to make you think things through and turn each page faster, desperate to find the answer. AND I LOVE IT! However, I also hate it, because now I have to wait an undetermined amount of time for GODDESS to come out :-( super excited though.

DREAMLESS was well written, fast paced and exciting throughout, I couldn't put it down. Angelini has done it again!

Thoroughly enjoyed it, cannot wait for GODDESS and you guys should all go and read this!

JB xxxx