Sunday, 29 May 2011

In My Mailbox #4

This week I have had a very lovely week!

From MKB I have, the wonderful, first book in the trilogy; Starcrossed (which I read in one day! Review to come) a tote bag that says Book Geek, it's well cute! And mirrors, merchandise of Starcrossed!

And from my lovely library; Jane Eyre!

JB xx

BR - Pretty Twisted

Pretty Twisted - Gina Blaxill

Not only did I get this book from MKB, but I also won the competition to interview Gina Blaxill!!! SO I will be posting the interview with the lovely lady herself, on this blog, as soon as I get it done!
'Two different stories.
One missing girl.
Who would you trust?'

'As the train entered the tunnel, it struck me just how biazarre this all was. It could be a chick-flick tag line: "girl likes boy but keeps it hidden as she helps boy search for the girl he loves"'

Ros met Jono online just a couple of weeks ago. Now Jono's beautiful ex-girlfriend has disappeared without a trace...and disturbing evidence is coming to light. So Ros agrees to help him search for her - but she is hiding a secret of her own.
This is only the beginning.
This story is about to get PRETTY TWISTED

I opened the book, to the first page and instantly was sucked in. I really enjoyed the concept of this book, and how it played out realistically. I enjoyed the refreshing style that Gina wrote with, and that she gave both her main characters a chance to show us what they thought. Their two voices were so different you could NOT get confused with who's point of view it was.

This story was quite a gentle thriller, really suited to teenager readers and perfect for people looking for something that doesn't end with the boy getting the girl and everything being happily ever after!

I was enthused by this book, to try and keep out of the paranormal romance genre that takes over my bookcase at the moment and try some different books. And so far, it's going really well.

I loved this book. It was exciting and a real page turner, written with a great technique and natural flow of words. It kept you wondering right up until Gina wanted to reveal everything, which she did wonderfully. Every loose end was wound up, which is good, because I hate loose ends...they irritate me beyond belief haha!

You should really go out and read this fantastic book!

JB xx

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

My Book Boyfriend #4

My Book Boyfriend is a weekly Meme, hosted by Missie at  The Unread Reader I will be taking part in this Meme (hopefully) every Wednesday where I will lust over my literary crush, who I would love to be part of my life. If possible, I will include the lucky boy's stats and some quotes. I will definately be including a picture of how I imagine he looks like and reasons why I love him.

Because of my exams, I haven't been reading as much...and I this is just a post, full of me lusting about the recent film I watched, with the guy I want to be my film boyfriend (if that's possible LOL).
It isn't a new release, but I barely have time to sit and watch The Vampire Diaries, so I have no time for films really. Because I'm on study leave, I'm finding I have plenty of time to watch all my recorded tv and films!

So I watched Prince of Persia: Sands of Time yesterday! And I loved it! It is an epic story of war, discovery, love, adventure and fantasy. Here's the trailer!

Omnom Jake Gyllenhaal! When I first started watching it and saw him, he was bare chested (with hair everywhere!) and fighting, and it was kind of gross. I was like ew. But then when he put his armour on, and his head-thing in the desert, he looked quite fit. So he's obviously one of those men, I prefer to see with their top on, or with their top off but moving very quickly so you only get glimpses of muscles rippling.

Here's some pics of him; and because it's a film I've got a few quotes, and I recall that he was cocky, but not nasty and him and the Princess where so perfect for each other!

Prince Dastan: You enjoy telling me what to do
Tamina: Only because you're so good at following orders
PD: Don't push your luck

Bis: Oh so you won't be happy until you get us all killed?
PD: Oh, wonderful speech Bis, Rousing!

T: Dastan, where's the dagger?!
PD: You're welcome to search me for it. You'll have to be very thorough!

T: That's impossible!
PD: Difficult, not impossible.
T: All the more proof you're insane!
PD: Why do you look so impressed?

T: Must feel wonderful winning such a claim for destroying such an innocent city.
PD: Oh, a pleasure to meet you too, Princess

T: Well Well the solution would be to kiss me then kill me, but I have a better solution...
[grabs sword]

I kill you!
PD: Perhaps we can find another solution!

T: [as Dastan is leaving on his horse] So you're just going to leave me here, in the middle of nowhere? Noble Dastan, abandoning a helpless women in the wilderness! What does your precious honor say about that?
PD: [returning] Give me the strength not to kill her.

T: [shoots Dastan a look]
T: Such a noble prince!
PD: Such a genle princess.

T: How taken you were with my fainting act, eagerly leaping to assist the fallen beauty.

PD: Who said you were a beauty?
T: There must be a reason why you can't take your eyes off me.
PD: You're... I... I don't trust you. And you're not my type.

T: [about to die] I'm ready for this
PD: I'm not!

T: You know you really walk like one. Head held high, chest out, long stomping strides. The walk of a self-satisfied Persian prince. No doubt it comes from being told since birth the world is yours, and actually believing it.

PD: I wasn't born in a palace like you! I was born in the slums of Nasaf, where I lived if I fought and I clawed for it.
T: Then how did you become a prince?
PD: The king... marched into the market one day, and he... I don't know, he... he found me. He took me in, he gave me a family, he gave me a home.
[he turns away, then turns back]

PD: What you're looking at, is... the walk of a man, who just lost everything.

T: [Dastan is eyeing a necklace that rests within Tamina's shirt; she notices him looking] See what you were looking for, Prince?

PD: It's hard for me to admit... but you were right...

[he rips off her necklace containing some of the Sands of Time]
PD: ... I did see what I was looking for.
T: I'm desperate for a drop of water!

PD: Well that's more than we have since you emptied our canteen hours ago.
T: I wasn't born of this desert like you Persians, all shriveled and angry. My constitution is much more... delicate.
PD: I think you mean spoiled.
T: The wells of Alamut are famed for their clean, cold water.
PD: Perhaps less time admiring your wells and more time guarding your walls, and you wouldn't be here.
PD: Hah, a miracle! I've silenced the princess!
[he turns around to see Tamina lying on the ground; he moves over to help her]
PD: Tamina? Tamina. Can you hear me?
T: [she suddenly knocks him out cold with a bone and steals the dagger] Yes Dastan, I can hear you!

The second picture, is my favourite by far! *Yummy* And since I found so many quotes, which are all wonderful, you can forgive me not posting last week, and accept this film boyfriend...and I pormise I will get back on track!

JB xx

Thursday, 12 May 2011

My Book Boyfriend #3

My Book Boyfriend is a weekly Meme, hosted by Missie at The Unread Reader. I will be taking part in this Meme (hopefully) every Wednesday where I will lust over my literary crush, who I would love to be part of my life. If possible, I will include the lucky boy's stats and some quotes. I will definately be including a picture of how I imagine he looks like and reasons why I love him.

Today's (very late) book boyfriend is Will Blakelee from 'The Last Song'

Stats -
  • He is tall, with dark brown hair
  • He wears a macrame bracelet on his wrist in tribute to his younger brother, who died in a car crash
  • He is lanky, muscular physiques
  • He moves fluidly through the sand
  • He's tanned and fit
Quotes that made me swoon -

Ronnie 'Why did you want me to see this?'
Will 'Because I thought you would like her as much as I do. Scars and all'

'Hey it's you' he said. 'Good morning'

'He liked her, it was as simple as that'

'Believe me, you'd know if I was hitting on you . You wouldn't be able to stop yourself succumbing to my charms'

Will 'Actually, I came here because I felt bad about the cage, and I didn't want you to be out here alone. Like I said earlier, it's a public beach and you never know who might come walking up'
Ronnie 'Like you?'
Will 'It's not me you should be worried about. There are bad people everywhere. Even here.'
Ronnie 'And let me guess. You'd protect me, right?'
Will 'If it came down to that, I'd protect you in a heartbeat'

Will 'Do you want to go for a walk'
Ronnie 'Do you mean a romantic walk, or just a walk?'
Will 'I'm going to say...just a walk'
Ronnie 'Good choice'

'You're act doesn't work on me' he said

There are plenty more I could choose, but I don't want to be here all night *giggles*

Because I've seen the film, unfortunately only Liam Hemsworth is the Will I see when I read the book! So here are some drool worthy pictures for you all!

The last one just makes me shiver with want. Omnomnom *giggles*

I would love to hear about your most recent book crush! Get in touch at!
JB xx

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

In My Mailbox #3

If I say it's last weeks, I'll be late...SO, I'm going to claim its this weeks...and you'll all just have to believe me haha!
In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren and inspired by Alea at Pop Culture Junkie that encourages bloggers to share the books they received in their mail, bought, borrowed, or swapped.
This week (and last week) I had lots of things in my mailbox, that I cannot wait to gush about!

Borrowed- from my lovely library

  • Vision in White/Bed of Roses/Savour the Moment - Nora Roberts
  • Stardust - Neil Gaiman
  • The Last Song - Nicholas Sparks
Bought -
Evernight-Afterlife - Claudia Gray
I have read the first three of this wonderful twist on vampiredom...and loved it...and hooked ALL my friends onto this fabulous series!

Given - thanks MKB!

  • Pretty Twisted - Gina Blaxill
  • MKB travel card wallets
  • 'Reading is my Superpower' tote bag
YEY! Lots of lovely things, all for me!! :-D
And, I'm sorry again!! My Book Boyfriend post to come tomorrow....hopefully *giggles*

LOTS of love and kisses!
JB xx

Friday, 6 May 2011

BR - Jane Austen Stole My Boyfriend

Jane Austen Stole My Boyfriend - Cora Harrison

"A little mystery is so becoming in a hero, don't you think?

Jenny Cooper has found her hero, thanks to her cousin, Jane Austen (who considers herself an expert in affairs of the heart). Now it's Jane's turn to fall in love, and there are plenty of dances, rumours, scandals and eligable gentlemen to entertain two teenage girls in search of adventure. But a good reputation, once lost, is gone forever; and Jane is in danger of becoming the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons.

As usual, once I fall in love with book number one, as soon as the sequel comes out it's mine. I adored being back with the Austen's in this new story set in Bath. It was nice to meet their extended family, go to dances in fabulous ballgowns alongside Jane and Jenny, pull them through the bad times by turning the pages and laughing with the good times.

Many a time my heart dropped in my chest, or I laughed out loud. It is an enthralling book, that completely sucks me into the pages as I journey through the story with Jenny, Jane and the Austens. I've fallen in love with every single one of Jane's brothers, wanted Captain Thomas Williams so badly I ached, and giggled along with Couzin Eliza.

The characters are so well developed you feel like they are standing right in front of you, and the story is a delicious mix of fact and fiction.....just enough fact to make you think ooooooooh, it could of happened!

As usual, Cora's writing style leaves me nothing to complain about and all the more to gush about! I adore this series, and really believe it is so brilliant. I read it to give me a break from the intensity of paranormal was just as intense but in a different way!

If you are craving a book, please read this series..absolutely amazing!

Yours in Literature
JB xx