Saturday, 18 February 2012

After The Snow - BR

Dad gone. Magda gone. The others gone. But I don't know why. Tell me, Dog - what am I gonna do?
Willo is a straggler kid living in the dangerous and barren landscape of a new ice age
Coming home after a day of trapping hares on the snowy moutainside he discovers that his entire family is gone. And after one night in the empty house he knos they are not coming back. Isolated and at risk Willo loads up his sledge and embraks on a terrifying, freezing journey of survival. The dog spirit inside his head is his guide and his only companion.
Prepare to have your bones chilled and your breath taken away as time and time again Willo is forced to question everything he knows

Hmmm.... It was an interesting read. When I started it I hated it. Could barely bring myself to read it. I hated it because it wasn't written in good English. It annoyed me, because I detest the using 'MSN/Facebook etc language where people cannot seem to write in the English Language, and that was how this book was written HOWEVER, I soldiered on because I have never not finished a book. Even if I hate it, I continue to read it because I'm scared of missing out, what if after I put it down, the story becomes amazing and I missed that?! Anyway, after I had continued to read on the story got interesting and I got used to the way it was written.

It is Crockett's version of the future, what will happen because of Global Warming. I thought it was fascinating! The way the world was just enchanted me! However I wish it had been explained more, but a child was the narrator and it maybe that he didn't understand why the world was like this, because it was all he'd ever known, and maybe it was supposed to make us think and guess at why.

The rough and ready way people were and the fight for survival was brilliant, all in all it was a great story. Some twists and turns I found slightly predictable but that's because I'm a cynic, and an avid reader so it would be expected that they seem obvious to me! The ending, irritated me slightly. It felt rushed and unfinished, to my tastes but others may see it as the appropriate ending for such a story.

It is a brilliant read, once I got past the irritating english and I cannot wait to see what S.D. Crockett brings to the world of literature next!

JB xx

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